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Since 2010, I have taught at six schools ranging from European middle schools to top 10 American universities. My goal in teaching is to help students develop comfort and confidence throughout their learning experience. I want my students to become independent learners and to thrive in immersive situations. To this end, I try to simulate real-world settings by providing authentic cultural materials and designing collaborative exercises that resemble common daily interactions. This is all part of my training as a foreign language instructor using the communicative approach. As a visual learner myself, I find that I am also a visual teacher and working with the blackboard is an important part of my approach to the classroom. I frequently use illustrative blackboard activities that require presentation, interpretation and collaborative negotiation of meaning.

Some of the schools I’ve taught at have had massive budgets with state of the art technology, whereas others have had minimal equipment. A robust approach to foreign language instruction can thrive across this spectrum. When available, I use technology in the classroom to save time during input activities and provide authentic audio/visual media, but in many cases I find that a blackboard is most effective. Outside of the classroom, social-media and meaning-driven communication between students are great ways to capitalize on technological trends, without inflating the classroom budget. This is the goal of the German-language Twitter project that I initiated as part of the curriculum at Duke University. Students post and communicate as a team about classwork and social life in a fully target-language setting that provides authentic cultural resources. Looking forward, I’m excited to explore new topics, such as film, in the classroom.


German 262 / LIT 252 / ENGLISH 287 – Fairy Tales from Grimms to Disney – Duke University (Teaching Assistant) – Spring 2017

German 338S / LIT 338S / VMS 339S - Graphic Novels – Duke University – Fall 2016

Intermediate German – University of Notre Dame – Summer 2016

German 203 – Duke University – Spring 2015

German 102 – Duke University – Fall 2014

German 101 – Duke University – Summer 2014

German 102 – Duke University – Spring 2014

German 101 – Duke University – Fall 2013

German 101 – Duke in Berlin – Sumer 2013

English Teaching Assistant – USTA Fulbright Austria – 2010-2012

Paraprofessional Teacher – Minnesota School District 283 – Summer 2010, 2011


Frank Borchardt Teaching Award – Duke University – 2017

Helga Bessent Teaching Award – Duke University – 2015

Summer Research Fellowship: Digital Pedagogy and Social Media – Duke University – 2014

Fulbright U.S. Teaching Assistantship – Austria – 2010-2012


German 203

"Matt is one of the best language professors I've ever had. He's very dedicated and cares a ton about his students. Starting from scratch to learn a new language is tough, esp. at the pace these classes go, but Matt makes sure that any questions you may have are answered. He's very open to help outside of class and make sure you get it!"